Laxing in my blog duties!

Jeez I’m slacking again, but I am working on a massive project, a dragon from the cosmo pattern by April Draven, and a fuzzy monster of my own pattern(which has become increasingly annoying!) And attempting to also make a large frog critter… but I will post- something tomorow I am not sure what… maybe a pattern from my stash lol 🙂


Hippy shirt and doll dress with pattern


This is my neices hippy shirt I made my neice along with a dress for her doll(I posted it yesterday) so today is a pattern! Ill start with the kids top this is a nifty top it fits my 2t size child and fits up to a 7/8 size as well. It is a halter top cute as can be. This is just my first try notes so I hope there are no mistakes. I used some yarn I had put away(a hippy colored ww weight, its brown, lime green, orange and purple) and a g hook. Childs top: Start with triangle peices(make 2) Ch 21, 1. Sc across 2. Sc 1, dec, sc to last 3, dec, sc 1.(18) 3. Sc. Across. 4. Repeat 2.(16) 5. Repeat 3. 6. Repeat 2.(14) 7. Repeat 3. 8. Repeat 2.(12) 9. Repeat 3. 10. Repeat 2.(10) 11. Repeat 3. 12. Repeat 2.(8) 13. Repeat 3. 14. Repeat 2.(6) 15. Repeat 3. 16. Repeat 2.(4) 17. Dec times, finish off. Attach at the bottom of one triangle(bottom being the foundation chain) sc up one side to top hide the fo tail here and chain 55 or how ever many to make an appropriate length neck tie. Finish off. Now we will start the side ties. Chain 50, then sc attach to the sc side of the foundation side. Sc across the foundation(20) ch 1 then attach sc to the other triangle( the opposite of sc up the side) sc(20) across the foundation as before. Chain 50. Finish off. With triangle top facing you, attach yarn on the right side I attached at 5 sc to the right of the right side triangle. 1. Sc across, to the 5th sc past the triangle on the other end.(this will cover the belly, so if you want more coverage just go to the 10th sc on each side. 2. Ch 3, turn, triple crochet across. 3. Ch3, turn, triple crochet across. 4. – 9. Repeat 3. At end of row 9. Finish off and weave in tail. Shirt Done! If you want the doll dress pattern check back tomorow!!