My bjd in her dress and wig


This is Teddy my bjd in her hand Crochet dress and wig i made


Kitsune pipe dragon

This isn’t a latest project but it is a finished one, born in a place far away, there are beautiful little snake like creatures with foxy like heads and cuteness. This is the one I caught while traveling, he is a sandy desert creature and is being extremely annoying asking me to take him on a beach vacation. Even though I tell him it is not in the budget he is refusing to listen he drags my suitcase into the hall daily. Maybe I need to go find him some friends from his land? Maybe a water type, or a leafy tree dweller?


Laxing in my blog duties!

Jeez I’m slacking again, but I am working on a massive project, a dragon from the cosmo pattern by April Draven, and a fuzzy monster of my own pattern(which has become increasingly annoying!) And attempting to also make a large frog critter… but I will post- something tomorow I am not sure what… maybe a pattern from my stash lol 🙂

Hippy doll dress

So if you where hanging by my page yesterday then you saw my child’s hippy top pattern and you probably saw i promised the matching doll dress. So here it is, the doll this fits is from the so cute doll i got the pattern from ravelry.


Ww yarn I hook 1. Chain 40. Slst to first chain to make a loop without twisting the chain. 2-5. Ch 2, hdc around, slst, 6. Ch 1, sc 14, leave rest unworked. 7-10. Ch 1, sc across(14) turn. 11- ch 1, ch 28(halter tie) fo. 12- attach to other side, chain 28. Fo. Skirt Attach at foundation crochet, 1. Sc around, slst, ch 3. 2. Triple crochet around. Slst. Ch3. 3. *triple crochet 1, 2 triple crochet in next st repeat around. 4. *triple crochet 2, 2 triple crochet next* around. 5. *triple crochet 3, 2 triples in next* around. 6. *triple crochet 4, 2 triples in next* around. If your skirt needs more length just follow the pattern, next would be triple crochet 5 – then 6 and so on. F.O. and weave in tail.