Stuffing for stuffed critters

Ok I make amigurumi’s and the stuffing is getting expensive I make these dragons that takes around 4 bags of it. So I have been doing some research and I have a list of ideas I have seen and other peoples critisisms. Some of which seem really silly.
Yarn ends- horde your yarn ends, and stuff your amis with these. I like this idea bc I have a lot of these I threw away lol. But yet there are people who feel that this is not a good choice saying that if you have that many scraps tie them together and make a scrap critter- ok my point to this is that’s not fixing the stuffing problem! Its just adding another stuffingless critter!
Plastic bags- shred the plastic bags from grocery stores and use them. I like this idea as well, yet people complain bc if the stuffy is being played with or tossed around their is choking hazards in them getting a chunk of plastic out, and that the bags will crinkle and get irritating. To this I have wow find a new hobby lol, anything and I repeat anything you use as a stuffing is a choking risk.
Dryer lint- ever thought of how much of this you’ve thrown away? I have. I like this idea- though not for kids toys(the dust and junk) but for my big dragon that just lay around 100% cool lol. Yet here is the critisism I have heard on this. “Do not and I repeat do not use dryer lint it is flammable.” Well duh! But so is yarn and most other cloth. If you put a lighter near fiberfill it burns too. So I don’t feel that’s a legit arguement I mean yes it is highly flammable, but so is fiberfill. And its not like dryer lint internally combust!
Old pillows from goodwill- this just grosses me out, I’m a germaphobe and no no no way I’m doing this! Bud bugs, dust mites… not for me. But maybe its ok for some but id rather find old stuffies and disembowel them first.
So does anyone else have any opinions or ideas I should add?


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