New Scoodie Pattern

I Scarf

@ FDC(foundation double crochet) there is an amazing tutorial on how to do this on Mooglys blog!

Row 1- FDC 123, ch 2, turn.

Row 2- dc 123, ch 2, turn.

Row 3- 6- dc 123, ch 2, FO. (My little one is over a year and this makes is thick enough to roll over for more warmth or cover her chin, if you just want it thick enough to wrap around id only do 4-5 rows.)

Fold in half mark the center which should be st 62. Then on both of center marker, count 17 sts on both sides. Slst on one side and chain 2, dc and dc across to other end of the 17 sts. This should be 35 sts, and move the center marker up on new row. Chain 2, and turn.
Row 2- dc to 2nd from center marker, and 2dc in that dc, and a single dc in the center marker, 2dc again, and dc to end, ch 2, turn.
Row 3- 8(10): Repeat Row 2. Chain 2, Turn.
9- dc in last row)
Row 10- Ch 2, dc in each st to two before marker, dc2tog, dc in center(at marker), dc2tog, dc in remaining sts. Turn. (47)
Rows 11– 14- Repeat previous Row instructions. (35)
Rows 15- dc in last row
Fold hood in half and sl st closed through both sides, leaving very last (center) st unworked. Weave in ends.
I left the pockets off because its for a one year old, and i thought that theyd be pointless. I am going to be working on one that’s just a tad bit bigger soon and I’ll post those edited instructions soon!



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