My bjd in her dress and wig


This is Teddy my bjd in her hand Crochet dress and wig i made


Kitsune pipe dragon

This isn’t a latest project but it is a finished one, born in a place far away, there are beautiful little snake like creatures with foxy like heads and cuteness. This is the one I caught while traveling, he is a sandy desert creature and is being extremely annoying asking me to take him on a beach vacation. Even though I tell him it is not in the budget he is refusing to listen he drags my suitcase into the hall daily. Maybe I need to go find him some friends from his land? Maybe a water type, or a leafy tree dweller?


My-Si the cuddly spider monster

Deep in the world of dream is the dark forest of Nightmare. In this forest is a clan of Spider Monsters. My-Si never cared for scaring as his quiet demeanor never stood out. After years of being made fun of and bullied by his peers, he decided to run away. And waiting till his bullies came out of a dream hole he slipped through into our world. The first house he came through was loud with barking dogs and lots of kids yelling, he slipped himself back into a dream fold and came through in a quiet closet where he laid down to rest. When he opened his eyes a sweet child with blue eyes watched him and before he could run she swept him in a hug. Now the two are inseperable as he found his home protecting her dreams.


Laxing in my blog duties!

Jeez I’m slacking again, but I am working on a massive project, a dragon from the cosmo pattern by April Draven, and a fuzzy monster of my own pattern(which has become increasingly annoying!) And attempting to also make a large frog critter… but I will post- something tomorow I am not sure what… maybe a pattern from my stash lol 🙂